a little about me

WHO IS SILVIA BORJA. When I come to think about it, I can say that I have learned to live and survive through self-portraits, documenting my day to day, and taking portraits of those who are close to me. 

I will always remember what Felipe Diaz, one of my first photography teachers, said once to me: "Photographers find ourselves, personally and professionally, in the dynamic between: Light — Technique — Concept." 
That sentence struck me. It has been the core of my photographic journey ever since.

(I promise this is the only cheesy photography analogy I will make)

LIGHT. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I am not very skilled in the drawing department, but when I was 13 I realized my calling, photography. My very first interaction was with a pocket digital camera my mom got for Christmas that year. I used to sneak between her stuff to take it and photograph everything around me. I got a Canon film camera for my 16th birthday, little did I know the huge impact that would have on my life. 

That camera arrived to direct the course of the person that I am today. I have no doubt I was born to be a photographer. That camera was, and is today, a tool for the development of my identity.

TECHNIQUE. We all have a camera, as a technical principle. However, our path, and the experience stored in it, will change according to our individual experience and interpretation.

2015. Right after I graduated from high school I decided to pursue my dream of studying photography. I enrolled at LaBloom, a visual arts academy in Bogota. Sadly, a year after enrolling, Labloom closed its doors. I spent the next six months working to save money to enroll at a university. There is not an exclusive photography undergraduate program in Colombia, so I decided to study audiovisual media at Politecnico Grancolombiano.

A year later my family moved to La Paz, Bolivia. While I was there I applied to transfer to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I got accepted and the rest is history (in the making). 

CONCEPT.  Since I moved to the United States I have seen a massive change in my artistic approach. I realized that for a very long time I was getting too comfortable when it came to the way I was handling my artistic process. I was becoming another accessory for my camera. Thanks to the support of the faculty teachers at BYU I started pushing myself to create art that had meaning behind it. 

I still have a long way to go. However, I believe that thanks to the experience and knowledge I have received during my career, I am the artist I am today.

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